Academic Catalog

Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor


Students must complete a minimum of 15 credits from the following list of courses. The 15 credits must be distributed across at least three disciplines. Students who register for ANTH 3028 Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Australia/HRTS 3028 Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Australia must count ANTH as one of their three disciplines even if they register for the course under the HRTS designation. 

Course Title Credits
ANTH 3026Peoples and Cultures of North America3
ANTH 3027Contemporary Native Americans3
ANTH 3030Peoples of the Pacific Islands3
ANTH 3902North American Prehistory3
ANTH 3904Ethnohistory of Native New England3
ANTH/HRTS 3028Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Australia3
CLCS 3211Indigenous Film World Wide3
ENGL 3210Native American Literature3
ENGL 3218Ethnic Literature of United States3
HIST 2570American Indian History3
HIST 3502Colonial America: Native Americans, Slaves, and Settlers, 1492-17603
HIST 3640Andean Societies3
HIST/LLAS 3607Latin America in the Colonial Period3
POLS 32183

This minor is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For more information, contact Kevin McBride at