Academic Catalog

School of Business

John Elliott, Ph.D., Dean
Nora Madjar, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Undergraduate education in business is designed to impart a broad base of general knowledge, within which students pursue additional knowledge to become exceptional managerial and business leaders. The curricula seek to expand capacities, perspectives, and skills of students who wish direct preparation for careers in either business firms or the public service.

In addition to the business programs leading to the Bachelor of Science, a Management and Engineering for Manufacturing bachelor’s degree program is offered jointly with the College of Engineering and is described at the end of the list of business majors in this section of the Catalog.

Field Study Internships

Internship experiences provide students an opportunity for supervised field work in areas of business and government. Regular internship programs are available on a limited basis in accounting, analytics and information management, real estate, health systems care management, and management. Individual internships may be arranged in other departments and majors within the School of Business; these are subject to availability and departmental restrictions.

Pre-Law Studies

Business students who plan to apply for admission to a school of law may arrange for pre-legal curricular counseling through the Undergraduate Programs Office in the School of Business.