School of Fine Arts

Stephen Quesnel '14 (BUS) views charcoal portraits of Arthur, left, and Ralph (Ray) by Ray Di Capua, two of the faculty artworks on display at the Benton Museum. Di Capua is an associate professor of art and art history. (Max Sinton '15 (CANR)/UConn Photo)

Stephen Quesnel ’14 views charcoal portraits at the Benton Museum of Arthur, left, and Ralph (Ray) by Ray Di Capua, an associate professor of art and art history.


  • Anne D’Alleva, Ph.D. Dean
  • Alain Frogley, D. Phil, Associate Dean
  • Colleen Bridgeman, B.S. Assistant Dean
  • Eva Gorbants, M.A. Assistant Dean

The School of Fine Arts encompasses the Departments of Art and Art History, Digital Media & Design, Dramatic Arts and Music. The curricula in each department afford not only an intensive professional education, but a liberal university education as well.

Admission Requirements

See Admission to the University and Department Guidelines.

General Education Requirements

The University Senate has adopted General Education Requirements in a variety of curricular areas that must be satisfied as part of every bachelor’s degree program. These requirements appear in the General Education Requirements section of this Catalog.

Courses may be used to meet both School of Fine Arts and University requirements.

Supplementary Scholastic Standard

Fine Arts students (with the exception of Art History and Theatre Studies majors and Digital Media Design students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts program) must enroll in a minimum of six credits in major department courses (Art and Art History, Dramatic Arts, or Music or Digital Media & Design courses for students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program) each semester of full-time study unless an exception is granted by the Director of Advising. Students who fail to comply with the minimum credit requirement are subject to dismissal from the school.

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

Upon the recommendation of the faculty, the various bachelor’s degrees are awarded by vote of the Board of Trustees to students who have met the following requirements:

  1. Earned at least 120 credits applicable toward the degree;
  2. earned at least a 2.0 grade point average for all calculable course work;
  3. met all the requirements listed above for the specific degree taken.

Exemptions and Substitutions

Students who desire to be excused from any of the requirements or courses should consult the pertinent department head and Eva Gorbants, Assistant Dean.


The School of Fine Arts offers interdisciplinary minors in Digital Arts and Global Arts and Culture. They are described in the Minors section of this Catalog.

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