Academic Regulations

By accepting admission, the student assumes responsibility for knowing and complying with the regulations and procedures set forth by the University.

University Requirements

The Board of Trustees awards the degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of General Studies, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Social Work to students who have completed the degree requirements of a school or college. Students can find their degree requirements in the section of the Undergraduate Catalog devoted to their school or college.

Required Credits

The University requires all students to complete at least 120 credits toward the degree. Some schools require more than 120 degree credits for graduation.

Required GPA

The University requires that all students have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 at the time of graduation. However, some of the schools and colleges require higher averages. Students should refer to their school or college requirements to determine the minimum cumulative GPA required.

University-Wide Residence Requirement

It is expected that advanced course work in the major will be completed in residence. Students must earn a minimum of thirty credits in residence toward a degree at the University, though particular schools and colleges may require more. Courses taken at the University and through the University’s Education Abroad and Early College Experience programs are all deemed in-residence. Students desiring to transfer credits should be aware of residence requirements in the individual schools and colleges, and should request necessary permissions in advance. Students seeking exceptions to any additional residence requirements of a school or college must petition the dean or director of the appropriate program from which they will earn their degree.

Immunization Requirement

The University has immunization requirements that apply to most students. Please see the Student Health and Wellness website for more information.

Time Limit (Eight Year Rule)

All students wishing to apply toward a degree the credits earned more than eight years before graduation must have permission from the dean of the school or college concerned. The permission, if granted, applies only to the current school or college.

Applicability of Requirements

Students graduating from a school or college must meet the requirements as they were at the time the student entered, or as they were at any subsequent time. Candidates who transfer from a school or college and then return must meet the requirements as they were at the time the student returned, or as they were at any subsequent time. Students who withdraw (except those on official leave of absence) or are dismissed from the University and later return must meet the requirements as they were at the time the student returned, or as they were at any subsequent time.

Exemptions from, and Substitutions for, University Requirements

Students seeking an exemption from a University requirement, or wishing to substitute another course for the course prescribed, should consult their academic dean. To effect a change, the dean must recommend the change, and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs must approve it. Transfer students wanting exemptions or substitutions should request them of their academic dean as they enroll.