Program and Campus Changes

Change of School

Students wishing to change from one school or college to another should consult their advisor and the dean of the school or college the student wishes to enter. Students may get a School Change Petition from the office of a dean or from the Office of the Registrar. The applicant should give the completed Petition to the dean of the school or college the applicant wishes to enter.

Students who transfer out of a school or college may no longer continue under the requirements of that school or college. If they transfer back into that school or college they may no longer continue under earlier requirements. When students change schools their catalog year for the second school is the year of the change, unless the dean of the school to which they transfer makes an exception.

Change of Major within a School or College

The policies and procedures for major changes within a school or college are determined by each school or college. Students should consult with their academic advisor to learn about the changes available to them.

Change of Campus

Most University programs require completion of 54 earned credits in order to change from a regional campus to the Storrs campus. Rare exceptions to the campus change requirements are made for extenuating circumstances only and require approval from the Student Services Center at the student’s regional campus. Storrs students who wish to change to a regional campus should contact the Office of the Registrar. The Campus Change form is available online.