Global Arts and Culture Minor

Global Arts and Culture is an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary program designed for those who wish to broaden their scope of knowledge about global arts in social, cultural, religious and political contexts. Through coursework, immersion in the arts and fieldwork experience students will develop specific expertise in the study, teaching, performance and documentation of global arts and culture.

A total of 18 credits are required, 12 of which must be 2000-level or above coursework.

  1. Core: AFRA/FINA 1100 and CLCS 2201.
  2. Arts Immersion: Three credits in any combination from FINA 1001/MUSI 1006; FINA 2001; MUSI 1107, 1114.
  3. Two courses from two different departments: AASI 3220/ARTH 3020/W; AFRA/ANTH 3152; AFRA/DRAM 3131/W; AFRA/HIST 3620; ANTH 3029; ARTH 3630/W; ARTH 3640/W; ARTH 3645/W; ARTH 3760; DRAM/HRTS 3139; MUSI 3421/W.
  4. Capstone: FINA 3391 (students may substitute a 3 credit independent study research project with instructor and program coordinator pre-approval).

The minor is offered by the School of Fine Arts. For more information contact Dr. Mary Ellen Junda or Dr. Robert Stephens.


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