Multidisciplinary Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Multidisciplinary Engineering majors are required to complete the following:

All multidisciplinary engineering students are required to have at least nine credits of work in engineering  beyond those courses specifically required in the program. Three credits may be met by courses offered in the School of Engineering at the 2000 level or higher, and six credits must be met by courses in the School of Engineering at the 3000 level or higher.

Area Elective Credits can be used to pair the Multidisciplinary Engineering degree with other partner programs at the university. For students not seeking a paired program, consult with your academic advisor and the Guide for Multidisciplinary Engineering Majors for guidance on selecting courses based on your interests.

The Multidisciplinary Engineering Degree is overseen by faculty from the School of Engineering as well as the Engineering Undergraduate Programs Office, who strive to continuously improve our undergraduate program in Multidisciplinary Engineering. The program’s educational objectives (PEOs) are that our graduates: will be gainfully employed in Engineering or related career paths including industrial, academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and will continue their professional development by engaging in professional activities and/or training to enhance their careers and/or pursue post-graduate studies