Asian American Studies Minor

The minor in Asian American Studies reflects the comparative contours of Asian American Studies as a distinct race-based interdiscipline. Students must complete 15 credits at the 2000-level and above by fulfilling the requirements for Groups A and B, below. AAAS 3998 can be taken repeatedly provided that the course content is varied. AAAS 3295 and 4999 require prior consent of the Minor Advisor for fulfillment of minor. Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in each of the courses applied to the minor. A maximum of three credits towards the minor may be transfer credits of courses equivalent to University of Connecticut courses.

Group A: Asian American Studies

Nine credits chosen from: AAAS/AMST 2201; AAAS/HIST 2530; AAAS/ENGL 3212; AAAS 3220/ARTH 3020; AAAS 3295, AAAS/ARTH 3375; AAAS/HIST 3531; AAAS/HIST 3845; AAAS/HDFS 3473; AAAS/HIST/LLAS 3875; AAAS 3998, 4999; HIST/HRTS 3202; SOCI 2271, 2835.

Group B: Comparative Ethnic Studies/Women’s, Gender, Sexualities Studies

Six credits chosen from: AAAS/SOCI 2210; AAAS/HRTS/SOCI 2220; AAAS 3295, 3998, 4999; AFRA/ENGL 2214; AFRA/SOCI 2520; AFRA/SOCI 2530; AFRA/DRAM 3131; AFRA/HIST/HRTS 3563; AFRA/HIST 3564; ANTH 3041/LLAS 3241; ANTH 3202W; HDFS 3268; HIST/WGSS 3562; POLS 3017, 3082.

Students may count up to six credit hours in independent study or special topics that focus on Asian American Studies with the written pre-approval of the minor coordinator.


The minor is offered by the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute. Minor advisors: Professor Jason Oliver Chang, Director, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute, Beach Hall, Room 417 or Professor Na-Rae Kim. For more information, contact Jason Oliver Chang by email or by phone at 860-486-5717.

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