Environmental Sciences (ENVS)

2000. Integrating Humans and the Environment

Three credits. Prerequisite: Open only to Environmental Sciences majors, sophomores or higher. Recommended preparation: NRE 1000 or similar.

Designed for students who have had a foundation in the basic concepts of environmental sciences. Exploration of critical environmental issues from a science-based perspective, including climate change, energy resilience, ecosystem services, and sustainability. The challenges, tradeoffs, and potential solutions to problems related to human modification of the environment, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

3100. Climate Resilience and Adaptation: Municipal Policy and Planning

(Also offered as ENVE and EVST 3100.) Three credits. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; instructor consent required. Recommended preparation: ENVE 1000, EVST 1000 or NRE 1000.

An interdisciplinary study of climate change focusing on the local, municipal scale: impacts, policy, vulnerability and adaptation with emphasis on tools such as vulnerability assessments that help local communities determine priorities for adaptation efforts.

3991. Internship

One to twelve credits. Hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Open to juniors or higher; open only with consent of the program director. Students taking this course will be assigned a final grade of S (satisfactory) or U (unsatisfactory). May be repeated for a total of twelve credits. A total of six credits may be counted toward the major.

Experience in settings not generally available on campus with professionals in the environmental field. Grade will be based upon the recommendation of the field supervisor. Requires contract agreed to in advance by student, internship field supervisor, and program director, detailing expectations for the credits earned.

3993. Foreign Study

Credits (up to a maximum of 15) and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Consent of Program Director required, normally to be granted before the student’s departure. May count toward the major with consent of the advisor. May be repeated for credit.

Special topics taken in a foreign study program.

3999. Independent Study

Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Open only with consent of instructor and program director. May be repeated for credit with a change in subject matter.