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Link Term Subj Cat # Course Title Content Area
AAAS 1000 Pathways to Asian American Studies CA1, CA4
AAAS 2030 Art, Politics, and Propaganda
AAAS 2201 Introduction to Asian American Studies CA1, CA4
AAAS 2210 Sociological Perspectives on Asian American Women CA4
AAAS 2305 Modern Japanese Literature CA1, CA4INT
AAAS 2530 Asian American Experience Since 1850
AAAS 3212 Asian American Literature CA4
AAAS 3271 Topics in Chinese Literature
AAAS 3282 Women in Chinese Literature and Film
AAAS 3531 Japanese Americans and World War II CA1, CA4
AAAS 3809 East Asia Since the Mid-Nineteenth Century
AAAS 3822 Modern China CA1, CA4INT
AAAS 3845 The Vietnam War CA1, CA4INT
AAAS 3998 Variable Topics
AAAS 4100 Experiential/Service Learning Seminar
AAAS 4999 Independent Study
ACCT 2001 Principles of Financial Accounting
ACCT 2101 Principles of Managerial Accounting
ACCT 3005 Introduction to a Profession
ACCT 3201 Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 3202 Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 3221 Cost Accounting
ACCT 3260 Federal Income Taxes
ACCT 3265 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance for Preparers
ACCT 4243 Assurance Services
ACCT 4265 Advanced Volunteer Income Tax Assistance for Reviewers
ACCT 4881 Internship in Accounting
ACCT 4895 Special Topics
ACCT 4899 Independent Study
ACCT 4997W Senior Thesis in Accounting COMPW
AELI NC601 Topics in Academic English I
AFRA 1100 Afrocentric Perspectives in the Arts CA1, CA4
AFRA 2211 Introduction to Africana Studies
AFRA 2214 African American Literature CA4
AFRA 2222 Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Power of Looking CA1, CA4
AFRA 2345 Language and Racism
AFRA 2461 Race, Gender, and U.S. Health Care CA2, CA4
AFRA 2510 Ethnicity and Race
AFRA 2520 White Racism CA4
AFRA 2530 African Americans and Social Protest
AFRA 2752 Africa in Global History CA1, CA4INT
AFRA 3033 Race and Policy
AFRA 3131 African-American Theatre CA4
AFRA 3152 Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism CA2, CA4
AFRA 3155 Anthropology of the African Diaspora
AFRA 3206 Black Experience in the Americas CA1, CA4INT
AFRA 3215 Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African American Literature CA4
AFRA 3215W Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century African American Literature CA4, COMPW
AFRA 3299 Independent Study
AFRA 3563 African American History to 1865
AFRA 3564 African American History Since 1865
AFRA 3575 Black Documentary Film Archival Practices
AFRA 3618 Comparative Slavery in the Americas
AFRA 3619 History of the Caribbean CA1, CA4INT
AFRA 3647 Black Leadership and Civil Rights
AFRA 3898 Variable Topics
AFRA 4994W Senior Seminar COMPW
AGNR 3091 Agriculture and Natural Resources Internship
AGNR 3093 Foreign Study
AGNR 3095 Special Topics
AGNR 3099 Independent Study
AGNR 3316 Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics and Safety
AGNR 3350 Hispanic Culture and Communication in Agriculture
AGNR 3681 Internship Experience
AGNR 4100 College to Career Transition
AH 1030 Interdisciplinary Approach to Obesity Prevention CA3
AH 1100 Introduction to Allied Health Professions
AH 1200 Introduction to the Martial Arts
AH 2001 Medical Terminology
AH 2330 Italy's Mediterranean Food and Our Health CA4INT
AH 3005 Biostatistics for Health Professions
AH 3021 Environment, Genetics and Cancer
AH 3025 Human Physiology in Health and Disease
AH 3030 Fundamentals of Brain, Behavior, and Health
AH 3060 Healthcare Genetics and Genomics
AH 3091 Allied Health Sciences Internship
AH 3099 Independent Study In Allied Health
AH 3101 Health and Wellness for Life
AH 3121 Immunology for the Medical Laboratory Sciences
AH 3133 Cancer and Your Health
AH 3173 Psychology of Workplace Safety
AH 3203 Aging: Implications for Health Professionals
AH 3231 Program Planning for Health Promotion
AH 3234 Fitness for Health
AH 3278 Worker's Compensation
AH 3289 Research in Allied Health Sciences
AH 3320 Introduction to Infectious Diseases
AH 3570 Health and Safety Management in the Workplace
AH 3571 Health Hazards in the Workplace
AH 3573 Health and Safety Standards in the Workplace
AH 3574 Ergonomics
AH 4092 EMT Training
AH 4239 Research Methods in Allied Health
AH 4240W Writing for Allied Health Research COMPW
AH 4241 Research for the Health Professional
AH 4242 Counseling and Teaching for the Health Professional
AH 4243 Current Issues in Health
AH 4244 Management for the Health Professional
AH 4288 Instructional Assistant in Allied Health Sciences
AH 4289 Honors Research in Allied Health Sciences
AH 4291 OSH Internship
AH 4297W Honors Thesis in Allied Health Sciences COMPW
AH 4530 Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health
AIRF 1000 Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force
AIRF 1200 Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force
AIRF 2000 Team and Leadership Fundamentals
AIRF 2200 Team and Leadership Fundamentals
AIRF 3000 Leading People and Effective Communication
AIRF 3200 Leading People and Effective Communication
AIRF 3500 Aviation Ground School
AIRF 4000 National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty
AIRF 4200 National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty
AMST 1201 Introduction to American Studies CA4
AMST 2200 Literature and Culture of North America before 1800 CA1
AMST 2201 Introduction to Asian American Studies CA1, CA4
AMST 2204 Jewish Culture in American Film CA1, CA4
AMST 2207 Empire and U.S. Culture CA1, CA4
AMST 2274W Disability in American Literature and Culture CA1, CA4, COMPW
AMST 2276W American Utopias and Dystopias CA1, COMPW
AMST 2400 City and Community in Film CA1
AMST 3082 Critical Race Theory as Political Theory
AMST 3265W American Studies Methods COMPW
AMST 3267W Race and the Scientific Imagination CA1, CA4, COMPW
AMST 3531 Japanese Americans and World War II CA1, CA4
AMST 3699 Independent Study
AMST 3807 Constitutional Rights and Liberties
ANSC 1001 Introduction to Animal Science
ANSC 1111 Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feeding
ANSC 1602 Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals
ANSC 1645 The Science of Food CA3
ANSC 1676 Introduction to Companion Animals
ANSC 2251 Horse Science
ANSC 2271 Principles of Poultry Science
ANSC 2690 Animal Science Field Excursions
ANSC 2699 Independent Study
ANSC 3121 Principles of Animal Genetics
ANSC 3122 Reproductive Physiology
ANSC 3194 Seminar
ANSC 3261 Dairy Cattle Management
ANSC 3272 Laboratory Animal Science
ANSC 3273 Livestock Management
ANSC 3311 Comparative Exercise Physiology
ANSC 3312W Scientific Writing in Comparative Exercise Physiology COMPW
ANSC 3313 Growth Biology and Metabolism in Domestic Livestock
ANSC 3314W Scientific Writing in Growth Biology and Metabolism of Domestic Livestock COMPW
ANSC 3316 Endocrinology of Farm Animals
ANSC 3317W Scientific Writing in Endocrinology of Farm Animals COMPW
ANSC 3318 Probiotics and Prebiotics
ANSC 3323 Animal Embryology and Biotechnology
ANSC 3324W Scientific Writing in Embryo Biotechnology COMPW
ANSC 3343 Animal Food Products
ANSC 3344W Scientific Writing in Animal Food Products COMPW
ANSC 3420 Little I Training Assistant Practicum
ANSC 3421 Little I Chair Practicum
ANSC 3452 Horse Breeding Farm Management
ANSC 3453 Pleasure Horse Appreciation and Use
ANSC 3455 Developing the Driving Horse
ANSC 3457 Advanced Broodmare and Foal Management
ANSC 3551 Equine Training I - Foundations
ANSC 3552 Equine Training II - Backing
ANSC 3553 Equine Training III - Advanced
ANSC 3554 Equine Sports Rehabilitation Practicum
ANSC 3641 Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology
ANSC 3642W Scientific Writing in Animal Food Products: Dairy Technology COMPW
ANSC 3663 Dairy Management Decision-making
ANSC 3664 Dairy Cattle Evaluation
ANSC 3674 Livestock and Carcass Evaluation
ANSC 3681 Summer Internship Experience
ANSC 3691 Professional Internship
ANSC 3693 Foreign Studies in Animal Science
ANSC 3695 Special Topics
ANSC 3790 Undergraduate Teaching Assistance in Animal Science
ANSC 4311 Advanced Animal Nutrition
ANSC 4312W Scientific Writing in Advanced Animal Nutrition COMPW
ANSC 4341 Food Microbiology and Safety
ANSC 4342W Scientific Writing in Food Microbiology and Safety COMPW
ANSC 4457 Methods of Equitation Instruction
ANSC 4662W Dairy Herd Management COMPW
ANSC 4697W Undergraduate Honors Thesis Writing in Animal Science COMPW
ANTH 1000 Peoples and Cultures of the World CA2, CA4INT
ANTH 1000W Peoples and Cultures of the World CA2, CA4INT, COMPW
ANTH 1006 Introduction to Anthropology CA2, CA4INT
ANTH 1010E Global Climate Change and Human Societies CA2, CA4INT, COMPE
ANTH 1500 Great Discoveries in Archaeology CA2, CA4INT
ANTH 2000 Social Anthropology CA2, CA4
ANTH 2000W Social Anthropology CA2, CA4, COMPW
ANTH 2501 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 2502 Human Evolution
ANTH 2510 Methods in Maritime Archaeology
ANTH 2600 Microscopy in Applied Archaeobotany Research CA3LAB
ANTH 3021 Contemporary Latin America
ANTH 3025 Contemporary Africa
ANTH 3026 Peoples and Cultures of North America
ANTH 3028 Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Australia CA4INT
ANTH 3028W Indigenous Rights and Aboriginal Australia CA4INT, COMPW
ANTH 3041 Latin American Minorities in the United States
ANTH 3050 Anthropology of Jews and Jewishness
ANTH 3081 Internship in Anthropology
ANTH 3090 Directed Field Research in Anthropology
ANTH 3091 Internship in Anthropology: Directed Study
ANTH 3093 Foreign Study
ANTH 3096 Directed Research in Anthropology
ANTH 3099 Independent Study
ANTH 3120 Anthropology of Capitalism
ANTH 3150W Migration CA4, COMPW
ANTH 3152 Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism CA2, CA4
ANTH 3202W Illness and Curing CA4, COMPW
ANTH 3230 Propaganda, Disinformation, and Hate Speech CA2
ANTH 3250 Cognitive Anthropology
ANTH 3251 Psychological Anthropology
ANTH 3300 Medical Anthropology
ANTH 3325 Introduction to Global Health
ANTH 3326 Global Health and Human Rights
ANTH 3340E Culture and Conservation CA2, CA4INT, COMPE
ANTH 3350 Anthropological Perspectives on Women
ANTH 3351 Sex and Gender
ANTH 3400 Culture and Religion
ANTH 3401 World Religions CA1, CA4INT
ANTH 3531 Maritime Archaeology of the Americas
ANTH 3532 Archaeology of the Age of Sail
ANTH 3560 The Evolution of Human Diet
ANTH 3704W Experimental Archaeology COMPW
ANTH 3720 Lab Methods in Archaeological and Forensic Science
ANTH 3902 North American Prehistory CA4
ANTH 3904 Ethnohistory of Native New England CA4
ANTH 3990 Field Work in Archaeology
ANTH 4097W Honors Thesis COMPW
ANTH 4510 The Neanderthals
ARAB 1001 Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 1002 Elementary Arabic II
ARAB 1003 Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 1004 Intermediate Arabic II
ARAB 1751 Traditional Arab Literatures, Cultures, and Civilizations CA1, CA4INT
ARAB 1771 Modern Arabic Culture CA1, CA4INT
ARAB 3212 Arabic Composition and Conversation
ARAB 3299 Independent Study
ARAB 3550W Classical Arabic Literature CA1, COMPW
ARAB 3771 Cinema in the Middle East and North Africa CA1, CA4INT
ARAB 3772 Stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims
ARE 1110E Population, Food, and the Environment CA2, COMPE
ARE 1150 Principles of Applied and Resource Economics CA2
ARE 2150 Intermediate Applied and Resource Economics
ARE 2210 Essentials of Accounting and Business
ARE 2215 Business Management
ARE 2434E Environmental and Resource Policy COMPE
ARE 2435W Writing in Environmental and Resource Policy COMPW
ARE 3221 Managerial Economics and Business Strategies
ARE 3222 Marketing and Consumer Behavior
ARE 3223 Business Organization and Labor Markets
ARE 3333 Computational Analysis in Applied Economics
ARE 4205 Market Planning and Survey Research in the Food Industry
ARE 4217 Business Finance and Investment Management
ARE 4305 Sustainable Economic Development
ARE 4444 Economics of Energy, Climate, and the Environment
ARE 4462E Environmental and Resource Economics COMPE
ARE 4476 International Trade and Policy
ARE 4897 Honors Thesis
ARE 4900 Farm Credit Fellows Seminar
ARE 4991 Professional Internship
ARE 4999 Independent Study
ARIS 1170 Women's Contemporary Writing in the Arab World CA1, CA4INT
ARIS 1211 Introduction to Islam CA1, CA4INT
ARIS 3710 Islamic Art History CA1, CA4INT
ART 1000 Art Appreciation CA1
ART 1010 Foundation: Studio Concepts
ART 1020 Foundation: Criticism and Interpretation
ART 1030 Drawing I
ART 1040 Drawing II
ART 2010 Life Drawing I
ART 2011 Introduction to Digital Media
ART 2110 Graphic Design: Process and Thinking
ART 2120 Graphic Design 1: Typography
ART 2210 Illustration
ART 2220 Animation Fundamentals
ART 2310 Basic Studio, Painting
ART 2410 Basic Studio, Photography
ART 2420 Intermediate Photography
ART 2510 Basic Studio, Printmaking
ART 2610 Basic Studio, Sculpture
ART 2993 Foreign Study
ART 3010 Life Drawing II
ART 3110 Graphic Design 2: Visual Systems
ART 3120 Graphic Design 3: Relational Design
ART 3130 Fundamentals of Web Design
ART 3210 Topics in Illustration
ART 3220 Experimental Animation: Studio Processes
ART 3250 Stop and Go: Explorations in Stop-Motion Animation
ART 3270 Going Pro
ART 3310 Intermediate Painting
ART 3330 Advanced Painting
ART 3350 Aqua Media I
ART 3410 Introduction to Video Art
ART 3420 Digital Imaging
ART 3455 Portrait Photography
ART 3460 Large Format Photography
ART 3510 Intaglio Printmaking
ART 3520 Lithography
ART 3530 Printmaking Workshop
ART 3610 Ceramics: Vessel Constructions
ART 3615 Ceramics: Wheel Work
ART 3620 Ceramics: Sculptural Approaches
ART 3630 Sculpture: Wood
ART 3655 Ceramics: Mold Making and Casting
ART 3701 Industrial Design: Materials and Techniques
ART 3705 Industrial Design: Form, Structure, and Space
ART 3720 Industrial Design: Process and Practice
ART 3730 Industrial Design: Digital Fabrication
ART 3901 Advanced Studio Art Projects
ART 3991 Studio Internship
ART 3993 Foreign Study
ART 3998 Variable Topics
ART 3999 Independent Study
ART 4110 Graphic Design 4: Communication Dynamics
ART 4120 Publication Design
ART 4130 Graphic Design: Design Center Studio
ART 4901 Senior Project
ARTH 1128 Global Perspectives on Western Art: Renaissance to the Present CA1, CA4INT
ARTH 1137 Introduction to Art History: Prehistoric - 14th Century CA1
ARTH 1138 Introduction to Art History: 15th Century - Present CA1
ARTH 1141 From Sun Gods to Lowriders: Introduction to Latin American Art CA1, CA4INT
ARTH 1162 Introduction to Architecture CA1
ARTH 1193 Foreign Study
ARTH 2020 Global Jerusalem CA1, CA4INT
ARTH 2210 Art and Activism
ARTH 2222 Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Power of Looking CA1, CA4
ARTH 2993 Foreign Study
ARTH 3005W Museums and the Interpretation of Culture COMPW
ARTH 3030 The Artist and Society
ARTH 3240W Gothic Art COMPW
ARTH 3340 Baroque Art
ARTH 3360 Eighteenth Century European Art
ARTH 3460 History of Photography: 1839 to World War I
ARTH 3510 Modern Art
ARTH 3530 Contemporary Art
ARTH 3530W Contemporary Art COMPW
ARTH 3560 History of Photography: World War I to Present
ARTH 3575 Human Rights, Digital Media, Visual Culture CA1
ARTH 3630W Alternative Modernities: Visual Culture of Latin America CA4INT, COMPW
ARTH 3710 Islamic Art History CA1, CA4INT
ARTH 3991 Field Studies Internship in Art History
ARTH 3993 Foreign Study
ARTH 3995 Investigation of Special Topics
ARTH 4099 Independent Study
ASLN 1101 Elementary American Sign Language I
ASLN 1102 Elementary American Sign Language II
ASLN 1103 Intermediate American Sign Language I
ASLN 1104 Intermediate American Sign Language II
ASLN 2500 Introduction to Interpreting: American Sign Language and English
ASLN 2600 Process of Interpreting: American Sign Language and English
ASLN 2700 Interpreting in Various Settings
ASLN 2800 Consecutive Interpreting
ASLN 3254 Women and Gender in the Deaf World
ASLN 3290 Field Study
ASLN 3292 Experiential Learning
ASLN 3299 Independent Study
ASLN 3305 Advanced American Sign Language
ASLN 3306W Advanced American Sign Language Level II COMPW
ASLN 3650 Deaf Writers and American Sign Language Literature
ASLN 3800 Structure of American Sign Language
BADM 1801 Contemporary Issues in the World of Business
BADM 2101 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BADM 2234 The Entrepreneurial Journey
BADM 2237 Personal Brand Management
BADM 2710 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BADM 2893 Foreign Study
BADM 3103 Business Information Systems
BADM 3104 Operations Management
BADM 3201 Intermediate Accounting I
BADM 3202 Intermediate Accounting II
BADM 3221 Cost Accounting
BADM 3234 Opportunity Generation, Assessment, and Promotion
BADM 3235 Venture Planning, Management, and Growth
BADM 3253 Sustainability, Markets, and Society
BADM 3260 Federal Income Taxes
BADM 3274 Real Estate Law
BADM 3301 Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Analysis
BADM 3302 Data Visualization
BADM 3370 Global Marketing Strategy
BADM 3403 UX / UI Design
BADM 3452 Professional Selling
BADM 3454 Sales Management and Leadership
BADM 3603 Project Management and Planning
BADM 3661 Marketing and Digital Analytics
BADM 3665 Digital Marketing
BADM 3720 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BADM 3730 Financial Management
BADM 3740 Managerial and Interpersonal Behavior
BADM 3741 Foundations of Venture Capital
BADM 3742 Venture Investment Sourcing and Analysis
BADM 3750 Introduction to Marketing Management
BADM 3757 Strategic Brand Management
BADM 3801 Principles of Project Management
BADM 3802 Data and Text Mining
BADM 3803 Spreadsheet Modeling for Business Analysis
BADM 3804 Data Visualization
BADM 4243 Assurance Services
BADM 4741 Advanced Venture Investing
BADM 4881 Internship in Business Administration
BADM 4882 Practicum in Professional Sales
BADM 4893 Foreign Study
BADM 4895 Special Topics
BIOL 1102 Foundations of Biology CA3LAB
BIOL 1103 The Biology of Human Health and Disease CA3LAB
BIOL 1107 Principles of Biology I CA3LAB
BIOL 1108 Principles of Biology II CA3LAB
BIOL 1109 Topics in Modern Biology
BIOL 1110 Introduction to Botany CA3LAB
BLAW 3175 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BLAW 3252 Corporate Social Responsibility and Accountability
BLAW 3253 Sustainability, Markets, and Society
BLAW 3254 Business Solutions for Societal Challenges
BLAW 3274 Real Estate Law
BLAW 3660 International Business Law
BLAW 4893 Foreign Study
BME 2101 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
BME 2193 International Study
BME 3100 Physiological Modeling
BME 3120 LabVIEW Basics for Engineers
BME 3320 Biosensors and Nanodevices for Biomedical Applications
BME 3400 Biosystem Analysis
BME 3401 Introduction to Computational and Systems Biology
BME 3500 Biomedical Engineering Measurements
BME 3520 Developing Mobile Apps for Healthcare
BME 3540 Principles of Biomedical Optical Sensing: A Laboratory-Based Course
BME 3600 Biomechanics
BME 3620 Failure Analysis for Biomedical Application
BME 3640 Human Factors Engineering
BME 3700 Biomaterials
BME 3720 Drug Delivery
BME 3740 Introduction to Microscopy and Biophotonics
BME 3750 Tissue Engineering Laboratory
BME 3760 Microfluidics and Lab-on-Chip
BME 3780 Introduction to Biomanufacturing: Pharmaceutical Proteins
BME 3900 Junior Design
BME 4130 Neural Prostheses
BME 4170 Nanomedicine: From Concepts to Applications
BME 4201 Introduction to Medical Imaging
BME 4300 Physiological Control Systems
BME 4500 Bioinstrumentation
BME 4710 Tissue Engineering
BME 4800 Bioinformatics
BME 4810 Machine Learning Methods for Biomedical Signal Analysis
BME 4900 Biomedical Engineering Design I
BME 4910W Biomedical Engineering Design II COMPW
BME 4985 Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
BME 4999 Independent Study
BUSN 1801 Contemporary Issues in the World of Business
BUSN 3002W Effective Business Writing COMPW
BUSN 3003W Business Communications COMPW
BUSN 3004W Business Writing and Communication COMPW
BUSN 3005 Career Development in Business
BUSN 4881 Internship in Business
BUSN 4895 Special Topics
BUSN 4897W Honors Leadership Seminar COMPW
CAMS 1101 Greek Civilization CA1
CAMS 1102 Roman Civilization CA1
CAMS 1103 Classical Mythology CA1
CAMS 1121 Elementary Latin I
CAMS 1122 Elementary Latin II
CAMS 1123 Intermediate Latin I
CAMS 1124 Intermediate Latin II
CAMS 1171 Intensive Elementary Ancient Greek
CAMS 1172 Intensive Intermediate Ancient Greek
CAMS 3101 Topics in Advanced Greek
CAMS 3102 Topics in Advanced Latin
CAMS 3232 Medieval Latin
CAMS 3241W Greek and Roman Epic COMPW
CAMS 3242W Greek and Roman Drama COMPW
CAMS 3244 Ancient Fictions
CAMS 3293 Foreign Study
CAMS 3299 Independent Study
CAMS 3326 Ancient Rome: Emperors and Barbarians CA1
CAMS 3330 Palestine Under the Greeks and Romans
CAMS 3335 The Early Christian Church
CE 2110 Applied Mechanics I
CE 2120 Applied Mechanics II
CE 2211 Engineering Economics I
CE 2251 Probability and Statistics in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE 2411 Introduction to Computer Aided Design
CE 2500 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
CE 2710 Transportation Engineering and Planning
CE 3110 Mechanics of Materials
CE 3220 Principles of Construction I
CE 3251 Civil and Environmental Engineering Applications of Probability and Statistics
CE 3510 Soil Mechanics
CE 3520 Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
CE 3610 Basic Structural Analysis
CE 3630 Design of Steel Structures
CE 3640 Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
CE 3997 Directed Research in Civil Engineering
CE 4210 Operations Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering
CE 4220 Principles of Construction II
CE 4410 Computer Aided Site Design
CE 4510 Foundation Design
CE 4610 Advanced Structural Analysis
CE 4710 Case Studies in Transportation Engineering
CE 4720 Street and Highway Design
CE 4730 Transportation Planning
CE 4900W Civil Engineering Projects I COMPW
CE 4920W Civil Engineering Projects II COMPW
CE 4997 Independent Research in Civil Engineering
CE 4999 Independent Study in Civil Engineering
CHEG 2103 Introduction to Chemical Engineering
CHEG 2111 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics I
CHEG 3112 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics II
CHEG 3123 Fluid Mechanics
CHEG 3124 Heat and Mass Transfer
CHEG 3128 Chemical Engineering Junior Laboratory
CHEG 3145 Chemical Engineering Analysis
CHEG 3151 Process Kinetics
CHEG 3156 Polymeric Materials
CHEG 3173 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
CHEG 4139 Chemical Engineering Senior Laboratory
CHEG 4140 Chemical Engineering Capstone Design I
CHEG 4142 Unit Operations and Process Simulation
CHEG 4143W Chemical Engineering Capstone Design II COMPW
CHEG 4147 Process Dynamics and Control
CHEG 4989 Introduction to Research
CHEG 4995 Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHEM 1122 Chemical Principles and Applications CA3LAB
CHEM 1124Q Fundamentals of General Chemistry I CA3LAB, COMPQ
CHEM 1125Q Fundamentals of General Chemistry II COMPQ
CHEM 1126Q Fundamentals of General Chemistry III COMPQ
CHEM 1127Q General Chemistry I CA3LAB, COMPQ
CHEM 1128Q General Chemistry II CA3LAB, COMPQ
CHEM 1147Q Honors General Chemistry I CA3LAB, COMPQ
CHEM 1148Q Honors General Chemistry II CA3LAB, COMPQ
CHEM 1189 Introduction to Chemical Research
CHEM 1194 The Science of Chemistry
CHEM 2241 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2242 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 2443 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2444 Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2445 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 2446 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 3189 Undergraduate Research
CHEM 3195 Special Topics
CHEM 3198 Variable Topics
CHEM 3199 Independent Study
CHEM 3210 Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 3214 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 3215 Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 3332 Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 3334 Instrumental Analysis I
CHEM 3563 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 3564 Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 3565W Physical Chemistry Laboratory COMPW
CHEM 3661 Polymeric Materials
CHEM 4196W Thesis for Undergraduate Chemistry Majors COMPW
CHIN 1111 Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 1112 Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 1113 Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 1114 Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 1121 Traditional Chinese Culture CA1, CA4INT
CHIN 1122 Modern Chinese Culture CA1, CA4INT
CHIN 3210 Chinese Composition and Conversation
CHIN 3211 Chinese Composition and Conversation II
CHIN 3220 Business Chinese
CHIN 3230 Language and Identity in Greater China CA1, CA4INT
CHIN 3240 Contemporary Chinese Film
CHIN 3250W Advanced Chinese CA1, CA4INT, COMPW
CHIN 3260 Contemporary Chinese Culture
CHIN 3270 Chinese Film CA1, CA4INT
CHIN 3275 Introduction to Chinese Linguistics
CHIN 3280 Networking in China CA4INT
CHIN 3282 Women in Chinese Literature and Film
CHIN 3293 Foreign Study
CHIN 3295 Special Topics
CHIN 3299 Independent Study
CLCS 1101 Classics of World Literature I CA1, CA4INT
CLCS 1102 Classics of World Literature II CA1, CA4INT
CLCS 1110 Introduction to Film Studies CA1
CLCS 2201 Intercultural Competency Towards Global Perspectives CA1, CA4INT
CLCS 2204 Jewish Culture in American Film CA1, CA4
CLCS 2609 Fascism and its Opponents CA1
CLCS 3207 Film Genres
CLCS 3208 Studies in Film History
COGS 2201 Foundations of Cognitive Science CA3
COGS 2345 Language and Racism
COGS 2500Q Coding for Cognitive Science COMPQ
COGS 3584 Seminar in Cognitive Science
COGS 3589 Undergraduate Research
COGS 3599 Independent Study
COGS 4596W Senior Thesis in Cognitive Science COMPW
COMM 1000 The Process of Communication CA2
COMM 1100 Principles of Public Speaking
COMM 2000Q Research Methods in Communication COMPQ
COMM 2010Q Applied Communication Research Methods COMPQ
COMM 2100 Professional Communication
COMM 2110 Presenting in the Digital World
COMM 2200 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2300 Effects of Mass Media
COMM 2500 Persuasion
COMM 2600 Media in the Information Age
COMM 2700 Fundamentals of Digital Production
COMM 2993 Foreign Study
COMM 3120W Small Group Communication COMPW
COMM 3210 Gender and Communication
COMM 3220 Intercultural Communication
COMM 3220W Intercultural Communication COMPW
COMM 3222 People of Color and Interpersonal Communication
COMM 3230 Marital and Family Communication
COMM 3240 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 3310W Media Literacy and Criticism COMPW
COMM 3320 Media and Diverse Audiences
COMM 3321 Latinas and Media CA4
COMM 3322 Soap Opera/Telenovela
COMM 3330 Children and Mass Media
COMM 3410 Political Communication
COMM 3410W Political Communication COMPW
COMM 3420 Health Communication
COMM 3420W Health Communication COMPW
COMM 3430 Science Communication
COMM 3498 Variable Topics in Specialized Communication
COMM 3510 Marketing Communication
COMM 3520 Communication Processes in Advertising
COMM 3530 Public Relations
COMM 3598 Variable Topics in Persuasion and Promotion
COMM 3605 Communication Technology and Social Change
COMM 3610W Computer Mediated Communication COMPW
COMM 3993 Foreign Study
COMM 4200 Advanced Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4300 Advanced Media Effects
COMM 4510 Communication Campaigns and Applied Research
COMM 4530W Public Relations Writing COMPW
COMM 4540 Crisis Communication
COMM 4640 Social Media: Research and Practice
COMM 4640W Social Media: Research and Practice COMPW
COMM 4650 Human-Computer Interaction
COMM 4799 Independent Study in Multimedia Production
COMM 4979 Digital Portfolio
COMM 4981 Internship in Communication
COMM 4982 Research Practicum in Communication
COMM 4997W Senior Thesis COMPW
COMM 4999 Independent Study
CRLP 1193 Foreign Study
CSE 1010 Introduction to Computing for Engineers
CSE 2050 Data Structures and Object-Oriented Design
CSE 2102 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSE 2301 Principles and Practice of Digital Logic Design
CSE 2500 Introduction to Discrete Systems
CSE 2550 Blockchain Technology I
CSE 3000 Contemporary Issues in Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 3100 Systems Programming
CSE 3140 Cybersecurity Lab
CSE 3150 C++ Essentials
CSE 3160 Functional Programming Fundamentals
CSE 3193 International Study
CSE 3200 Mobile Application Development
CSE 3300 Computer Networks and Data Communication
CSE 3302 Digital Systems Design
CSE 3350 Digital Design Laboratory
CSE 3400 Introduction to Computer and Network Security
CSE 3500 Algorithms and Complexity
CSE 3502 Theory of Computation
CSE 3504 Probabilistic Performance Analysis of Computer Systems
CSE 3666 Introduction to Computer Architecture
CSE 3800 Bioinformatics
CSE 3802 Numerical Methods in Scientific Computation
CSE 3810 Computational Genomics
CSE 4095 Special Topics in Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 4099 Independent Study in Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 4300 Operating Systems
CSE 4302 Computer Organization and Architecture
CSE 4400 Computer Security
CSE 4402 Network Security
CSE 4502 Big Data Analytics
CSE 4701 Principles of Databases
CSE 4702 Introduction to Modern Cryptography
CSE 4705 Artificial Intelligence
CSE 4709 Networked Embedded Systems
CSE 4820 Introduction to Machine Learning
CSE 4939W Computer Science and Engineering Design Project I COMPW
CSE 4940 Computer Science and Engineering Design Project II
CSE 4997 Senior Thesis in Computer Science and Engineering
DGS 3100 Cytogenetic Technologies
DGS 3226 Current Genetic Research
DGS 3999 Independent Study for Undergraduates
DGS 4234 Diagnostic Molecular Technologies
DGS 4234W Diagnostic Molecular Technologies COMPW
DGS 4235 Laboratory in Molecular Diagnostics
DGS 4236 Case Studies in Molecular Pathology
DGS 4237 Introductory Bioinformatics for Genomics Analysis
DGS 4402 Specimen Preparation, Nucleic Acid Isolation and Assessment
DGS 4503 Amplification Methods