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3750. Intro to Marketing Management

3.00 credits

Prerequisites: C+ or better in ACCT 2001; ECON 1200 or 1201 and 1202; ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1011 or ENGL 2011; MATH 1070 and MATH 1071, or MATH 1131 and MATH 1070 or MATH 1132, or MATH 1125, MATH 1126 and MATH 1132 or MATH 1070; STAT 1000 or STAT 1100; open to non-Business juniors or higher. Not open for credit to students who have passed MKTG 3101, BADM 3625, 3753 or 3757.

Grading Basis: Graded

An introduction to the marketing system, its foundations and institutions. Students are exposed to product, promotion, price, and distribution decision areas, strategic alliances, relationship marketing, and total marketing quality. May substitute for MKTG 3101 for business majors.