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The Agriculture and Natural Resources major is an interdisciplinary major designed for students who want broad training in agricultural, environmental, and/or health sciences, with content that does not readily align with any one department or major. Students work with advisors to develop and complete a personalized and interdepartmental baccalaureate program based on their educational and career interests and goals. Courses selected for this major will include both introductory and advanced material from multiple departments in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, as well as prerequisite and related knowledge and experiences in other disciplines.



One course from: BIOL 1107, 1108, 1110.


One course from CHEM 1122 1124Q, 1127Q, 1137Q.

Additional Science or Mathematics

One additional course (minimum three credits) from BIOL, CHEM, ERTH, MARN, or PHYS, or one extra MATH or STAT course beyond those required for general education requirements.

Introductory Agriculture and Natural Resources

Two 1000 level courses (minimum three credits each) representing two departments in CAHNR.

36 Credit Group

Agriculture and Natural Resources majors must meet all the requirements listed under the 36 Credit requirements for all CAHNR majors, which must include at least 24 credits (combined total) from departments in CAHNR. These credits must include at least 3 credits of course work from each of four (4) distinct departments in CAHNR.

Writing Competency

Students must pass one 2000-level or above W course in any department of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

Information Literacy Competency

Satisfied by meeting the Writing Competency Requirement.

Career Statement

Agriculture and Natural Resources majors must submit a statement describing how courses relate to their desired career. This statement and courses for the major must be approved by advisor and College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources Associate Dean as early as possible in order to confirm the courses approved for the final Plan of Study.

A minor in Agricultural Biotechnology is described in the Minors section.

Agricultural and Resource Economics Department

Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR) course descriptions

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