Agricultural and Health Biotechnology Minor

This interdepartmental minor provides students with an in-depth, multidisciplinary education in the field of biotechnology. The minor will prepare students for advanced studies and career development in applied molecular biology, as well as agricultural and health biotechnology.


Students must complete a minimum of 14 credits of the courses listed below. This includes one core course (Group A), a minimum of three laboratory credits (Group B), and six credits of discipline-based fundamental courses (Group C).

Group A: Core Courses

At least one course from: ANSC 3323; SPSS 3230.

Group B: Laboratory Modules

At least three credits from: PATH 3501, 4000; SPSS 3210, 3255; independent study and internship can be taken using the department’s course numbers. The topic of these studies must be laboratory-based, focused on some aspect of agricultural or health biotechnology and be approved by the departmental minor advisor (a syllabus must be submitted). No more than three-credits can be used for Group B. The same course cannot count toward more than one group.

Group C:

At least six credits from: AH 3005, 3060; ANSC 1001, 1111, 3272, 3318, 3641, 5619; DGS 3226; KINS 4500, 4510, 6094, 6520; NUSC 1165, 1645, 3233, 4236; PATH 3700, 4203, 5202, 5401, 5503, 5632SPSS 3210, 3245, 3255, 4210.

Students must earn a grade of C (grade point 2.0) or higher in each course above or S for an S/U course. Students must earn a combined GPA of 2.5 or higher for all letter-grade courses above.

The minor is offered by the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

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