Marketing Management

Formerly offered as Digital Marketing & Analytics

The Marketing Management major equips students with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement marketing strategies. The major consists of a core business base and a set of courses that treat marketing as an integrated part of a firm’s overall strategy. The major provides students with sufficient depth in both the analytical and strategic aspects of marketing to successfully use these tools to meet marketing and firm objectives. The marketing management curriculum is designed to provide School of Business students with a solid grounding in marketing principles, consumer behavior, and marketing research. This major is only open to students at the Hartford and Stamford regional campuses.

Bachelor of Science Requirements

Marketing Management majors are required to achieve a cumulative 2.0 grade point average for the total of all Marketing (MKTG) courses for which they have been registered at the University of Connecticut, excluding grades and credits for independent studies and internships.

Residence Requirement

In addition to the School of Business residence requirements for all majors, a Marketing Management major must complete the two required Marketing courses, MKTG 3208 and 3260 and one of the three 3-credit required 3000-4000 MKTG electives, in residence at the University of Connecticut. Education Abroad and NSE courses may not be used to meet this requirement.

Required Major Courses

In addition to the courses outlined in the Common Body of Knowledge and Capstone Requirements including MKTG 3101, Marketing Management majors must take two required Marketing courses: MKTG 3208, and 3260, and nine credits consisting of three 3000-4000 level courses in marketing. No Marketing Management major may count more than 22 marketing credits beyond MKTG 3101 toward those credits presented for degree requirements.

Choices of electives should be made in consultation with their advisors based upon the students’ interests and career goals.

Optional Concentration

Additionally, Marketing Management majors may complete a concentration in Digital Marketing & Analytics. To complete a concentration in Digital Marketing & Analytics, a student must complete MKTG 3661 and 3665, and one (1) three credit MKTG 3000/4000-level elective, receiving a grade of “C” or better in each course.

Internships in Marketing

The Marketing Department offers a for-credit internship course (Internship in Marketing MKTG 4881) for Marketing Management majors. Internships are designed to provide students with professional experience in the world of marketing, build valuable professional relationships, and open the door for future employment opportunities. Internship courses are offered during summer session, fall semester, and winter intersession, with field work usually completed in the summer before senior year or the winter before the student’s last semester. For more information, visit the Marketing Department website.

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