Shikha Sharma, UConn's business librarian, gives a lecture to participants in the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities at the School of Business.

Course descriptions

At the core of the Management major is coursework with an emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurial thinking and strategic vision, three of the most prized assets of any successful business leader. Management majors are prepared to understand the “big picture” rather than focus on highly specialized, often rapidly changing, areas of study. Such preparation is especially crucial for those who see themselves as leaders or who see themselves working in the world of business. Management requires an ability to think and act on one’s own with a confidence that only comes from an ability to see and appreciate what most highly focused specialists cannot.

Bachelor of Science Requirements

Management majors are required to achieve a cumulative 2.0 grade point average for the total of all Management (MGMT) courses for which they have been registered at the University of Connecticut, excluding grades and credits for independent studies and internships.

Residence Requirement

Management majors must complete the School of Business residence requirements for all majors. Education Abroad courses may not be used to meet this requirement.

Required Major Courses

Management majors must complete a total of 15 MGMT credits (five 3 credit MGMT courses) and three credits consisting of one 3000/4000-level course in management or business, in addition to the courses outlined in the Common Body of Knowledge and Capstone Requirements. Management majors may concentrate in Entrepreneurship by completing the courses below.

Entrepreneurship Concentration Courses

Of the 15 MGMT credits (five 3-credit MGMT courses), required for the Management major, the Entrepreneurship concentration requires three of the five courses to consist of MGMT 3234, 3235, and 4271 or a department-approved experiential learning course.

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