Marine Biology Minor

The Marine Biology minor is a unique interdisciplinary minor that provides a foundation in the study of marine organisms and their behaviors and interactions with the environment.

This minor requires at least 15 credits of 2000-level or above course work.

Required courses are: MARN 3014/EEB 3230; MARN 4010.

In addition, students must take at least three electives from the following courses: ERTH 4130; MARN 2801WE; MARN 3012*/5012* or EEB 4275; MARN 3015*/5015*; MARN 3017*/5017*; MARN 3811*; MARN 3812*; MARN 4018*/5018* or EEB 4200; EEB 3250; MARN 4210Q*; MCB 3849W; NRE 4335 or NRE 3385W.

*Course offered only at the Avery Point campus

With written pre-approval of the Marine Biology Minor Coordinator, the following courses may be substituted for one of the three electives: MARN 2899/3899/4899 or EEB 3899 or MCB 3899; MARN 2995/3995/4995 or EEB 3895 or MCB 3895; MARN 4898 or EEB 3898 or MCB 3898; MARN 2893/3893/4893 or EEB 2893/3893 or MCB 3893/4893.

Students may not count the same course towards the Marine Sciences minor or the Marine Sciences major offered by the Department of Marine Sciences.

The minor is offered by the Marine Sciences Department.

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