Marine Biology Minor

Marine Biology

This minor requires at least 15 credits of 2000-level or above course work.

Required courses are: MARN 3014/EEB 3230; MARN 4010*

In addition, students must take at least three of the following courses**:   MARN 3012/5012 or EEB 4275; MARN 3015/5015; MARN 3030/5032; MARN 3017/5017; MARN 3811; MARN 4018/5018 or EEB 4200; MARN 5016; EEB 3250. Students may use MARN 3893, 4893, 4895, 4898, or other MARN courses towards one or more of these electives with prior approval of the Department Head.

* Students who have taken both MARN 2002 and 3001 may substitute these for MARN 4010

** Marine Sciences majors may use only one 2000-level or above MARN elective course to count for both the major and the Marine Biology minor.

The minor is offered by the Marine Sciences Department.

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