Geographic Information Science Minor

The minor consists of courses that provide a strong introduction to the field of Geographic Information Science – the acquisition, evaluation, modeling and analysis of geospatial data. Students electing this minor must complete at least fifteen credits from the following:

  1. GEOG 2500.
  2. At least three credits from the following GEOG 2505 and 3530. Students are encouraged to take both.
  3. At least three elective credits from GEOG methods classes:  GEOG 2510, 3110, 3500Q, 3505, 3510, 3512, 4090*, 4091*,  4095*, 4099*, 4130, 4230, 4515, 4516, 4518, 4519.
  4. At least three additional credits from either the list of GEOG classes in the previous two points or the list of approved, related classes associated with the GIS Major.

* Using GEOG 4090, 4091, 4095, 4099 requires permission of the undergraduate advisor or department head.

Only two courses in the GIS minor may also be used in the GEOG major.

The minor is offered by the Geography Department.