Accounting minor

The minor is designed to provide an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of accounting fundamentals. This minor is not available to Accounting majors.


Six 3-credit 2000-4000 level ACCT (or BADM) courses are required. Business students should register for the ACCT sections; non-business students should register for the BADM sections (with the exception of ACCT 2001, in which any student may enroll).

The six required courses are: ACCT 2001; ACCT 2101 (or BADM 2101); ACCT 3201 (or BADM 3201); ACCT 3202 (or BADM 3202); ACCT 3260 (or BADM 3260); ACCT 4243 (or BADM 4243).

ACCT 3201 (or BADM 3201); ACCT 3202 (or BADM 3202); ACCT 3260 (or BADM 3260); and ACCT 4243 (or BADM 4243) must be taken in residence at the University of Connecticut. Education Abroad courses may not be used to meet this residency requirement.

Additional Details

Access to courses for this minor is on a space available basis, and the School of Business cannot guarantee completion of this minor. Students may require departmental permission to register for courses in the minor. Refer to the School of Business section of this catalog for restrictions on Business minors and limits on the number of Business courses available to non-Business students.