Physiology and Neurobiology

Course descriptions

This major leads to a Bachelor of Science, and is suitable for students interested in the physiology and neurobiology of humans and animals. Coursework and independent study opportunities span the fields of comparative physiology, neurobiology, molecular endocrinology, reproductive endocrinology, developmental neurobiology and neurochemistry.

The following 1000’s level courses are required:

PNB majors must take no fewer than 24 credits in PNB courses numbered 2000 and above. This must include all of the following core courses:

The remaining credits needed to fulfill this requirement should be selected from the available PNB courses, including PNB 2250, 3180, 3252, 3260, 3263WQ, 3264W, 3275, 3278, 3279, 3295, 3299, 4162, 4297W, 4400. At most 3 credits from among PNB 3180, 3295, and 3299, and not more than one credit of PNB 3279, may count towards the 24 credit requirement.

To satisfy the writing in the major and information literacy competency requirements, all students must pass at least one of the following courses:

PNB majors must also take all of the following courses, which count as the related group:

In addition, students are urged to take:

There is a minor in Physiology and Neurobiology. A minor in Neuroscience is offered jointly by the Physiology and Neurobiology Department and the Psychology Department. Both programs are described in the Minors section of this Catalog.

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