Course Descriptions

This department offers professional preparation for students who are planning careers in journalism. It also offers other students the chance to improve their writing, interviewing and research skills and to learn about the news media. Students in writing courses are expected to produce work of professional quality and to publish that work when possible.

Students who major in journalism should also take related courses in history, economics, political science and other liberal arts disciplines as a sound preparation for news reporting. The department strongly urges students to complete a second major. Students also should gain professional experience before graduation, either through part-time jobs, the Co-operative Education Program or the department’s internship program. Internships are available at newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, online publications and political press offices.

In addition to satisfying the requirements of the College, majors must complete 27 credits in journalism at the 2000-level or above, including JOUR 2000W, 2001W, 3002, 3020, and 3030; the three credit portfolio sequence (JOUR 2111, 3111, and 4111) and one of the following courses: JOUR 3000, 3012, 3013, 3041, 3045, 3046, 4035, or other advanced courses if accepted with the consent of the department. JOUR 1002 is a prerequisite for JOUR 3002.

National accrediting rules require a broad education outside of journalism. Students usually meet this standard when they complete college and university requirements. However, when planning their programs, students should review this standard with their advisors.

A journalism education is, by definition, an education in writing and information literacy. A journalism major will fulfill the writing in the major requirement and the information literacy competency by completing the department’s core courses (JOUR 2000W, 2001W, 3002, 3020, and 3030).

Journalism majors are advised to consult with their advisors about computer skills that may be helpful to them, based on individual career plans. Students who major in journalism will be expected to own basic digital audio and imaging equipment for use in classes and professionally. The Journalism Department website lists current requirements.

Students must apply to the Journalism Department to become majors. They must do so by the end of the third full week of classes in the fall or spring semester. A student who is not accepted initially may reapply in subsequent semesters. Forms can be obtained online or in the Journalism Department Office, 468 Oak Hall.

Admission is limited to students who:

  1. Have successfully completed at least 39 credits. (Students who are members in good standing of the University Honors Program may apply after completing 23 credits at UConn).
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.6 or have a GPA below 2.6 and provide a personal essay that shows mastery of the fundamental tools of writing, including spelling, grammar, and syntax. The applicant’s academic record and goals also will be considered.