Vanessa Schumacher prepares tissue samples at the Connecticut Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Course descriptions

Students majoring in Pathobiology focus on animal health and diseases and their relationship to people and the environment. Students can prepare to enter veterinary medical schools or medical schools. Pathobiology majors also pursue careers in biotechnology, biomedical sciences, para-veterinary medicine, and many diverse laboratory and research positions in health fields, and agriculture and natural resources. (For detailed information, please refer to

Required courses

Pathobiology majors must pass the following courses:

PVS 1000, PVS 2100 or PNB 22642265 or PNB 22742275; PVS 3100 and PVS 4300 ; MCB 2610.

One course in Biochemistry: MCB 2000 or MCB 3010.

One course in Genetics: MCB 2400, 2410 or ANSC 3121.

One course in Nutrition, Immunology, or Cell Biology: ANSC 1111, NUSC 1165, MCB 2210, 4211, or AH 3121.

One of the following courses: PVS 2301, 3201 or 3201W, 3341, 3501, 3700, 4203/5203.

Students must pass either PVS 3094W or 3201W to fulfill their writing in the major requirement. The advanced information literacy requirement is fulfilled by passing PVS 3094W or 3201W.


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