Individualized Major

The Individualized Major program allows students to create a major that is not otherwise offered at the University of Connecticut. Students pursuing an Individualized Major must meet all university-level and college-level requirements for graduation and complete at least 36 credits numbered 2000 or above. Requirements for declaring and completing an Individualized Major are listed below:

  • Students must be in good academic standing with a minimum GPA of 2.5 to declare an Individualized Major.
  • Students must submit a proposed statement of purpose and identitfy three faculty members who are willing to serve as an advisory committee.
  • An Individualized Major has a minimum of 36 credits numbered 2000 or above courses which must: be from two or more departments; include at least 18 credits from departments in the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources; be approved by the student’s advisory committee; be taken at the University of Connecticut; have a combined Grade Point Average of at least 2.5; include no more than 6 credits of Independent Study and Internship; not to be taken on Pass/Fail; meet all requirements of the “36 Credit Group” of the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

The writing in the major and information literacy requirements will be satisfied by meeting these requirements for any of the majors within the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.


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