American Studies

Course descriptions

The American Studies Program at the University of Connecticut provides students with the opportunity to gain a critical understanding of the American experience while allowing individual students to define what aspects of that experience they would like to explore. Although our required courses focus largely on the United States, the field is now understood as comprising the study of issues and subjects from throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Among the goals of the American Studies curriculum is to promote an awareness of complex cultural, political, and economic structures at the root of the social organizations that have existed throughout the history of what has come to be known as the “New World.” Other areas of concentration may include, for example, the ways in which literary, musical, and visual artists have articulated cultural concerns, our changing understandings of the geography and ecology of the Western Hemisphere, or issues of cultural and ethnic diversity.


AMST 1201

Core Courses

15 credits (One course from 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 below.):

  1. One course from the following: AFRA/HIST 3564; AFRA/HIST/HRTS 3563; HIST 3502, 3504, 3510, 3516; HIST/WGSS 3561, 3562.
  2. ENGL 2201 or 2203
  3. POLS 2607 or 3602 or 3802 or 3817 or ECON 2102
  4. One 2000-level or above course that deals with Latin America, Canada, or the Caribbean.
  5. AMST/ENGL 3265W: Seminar in American Studies: 3 Credits (W). This seminar will provide an in-depth study of a historical period, event, or cultural movement from an interdisciplinary perspective. Students will produce a substantial essay on a topic approved by the instructor.

Track Requirement (Nine credits)

Students must choose a “Track” from the four American Studies tracks. They must take three 2000-level or above courses from within this track.

A number of these courses are cross-listed in the catalog, but in most cases they appear on this list only once. Many are offered as “W” courses, and some may have departmental prerequisites. Other courses, such as “Special Topics” courses, may be used to fulfill American Studies requirements with the approval of the Director of American Studies. (If possible, students should seek such permission before taking the course.) All courses must be taken for three credits.

The Core Courses may not be used to fulfill the 9-credit track requirement. A second core course from the same group, however, may be so used.

AMST/ENGL 3265W satisfies the Information Literacy Competency and Writing in the Major requirements.

Related Courses

12 Credits. Students will take four related courses. The approval of these courses as germane to the American Studies major will be left to the discretion of the advisor.

A minor in American Studies is described in the “Minors” section.


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