Science (SCI)

Director: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office

1150. Unifying Concepts in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Four credits. Three lecture periods and one 2-hour laboratory. Prerequisite: a mathematics course. Knox, Markowitz, Shaw, Terry

A laboratory course introducing unifying concepts from biology, chemistry, and physics and their application to daily life. Includes examination of the scientific process and current scientific ideas.

1193. Foreign Study

Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Consent of the program director normally before the student’s departure to study abroad. How credits are used to be determined by the College Dean and/or Advisor. May be repeated for credit.

Special topics taken in a foreign study program.

2206. History of Science

(Also offered as HIST 2206.) Three credits. Roe

Development of modern science and technology in relation to culture, politics, and social issues. CA 1.

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