Robotics Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Robotics Engineering majors are required to complete the following:


Electronics Track

CSE 2301; ECE 3201, 3211, 3212

Systems Track

CSE 3100, 4705, 4709; ECE 4131, 4132

Mechanical Track

CE 2110, 3110; ME 2120, 3220, 3221, 3227, 3256, 3262

Biomedical Track

BME 3500, 3600, 4120, 4130, 4300, 4500

Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that draws on aspects from electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer engineering. The proposed curriculum is built around fundamental core courses in each of these areas that are then brought together with specific robotics engineering courses. The Robotics Engineering program educational objectives are that our alumni/ae:

  • make technical contributions to design, development, and manufacturing in their practice of robotics engineering.
  • advance in their professional career.
  • engage in professional development or post-graduate education to pursue flexible career paths amid future technological changes.