Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies

The objective of the baccalaureate program with a major in real estate and urban economic studies is to provide both a theoretical foundation and a practical understanding of the field as preparation for a career as a real estate professional. This nationally recognized academic program has been designated by the New England Board of Higher Education as a New England Regional Student Program. This allows qualified residents from other New England states to enroll in the real estate program at reduced tuition since the major is not offered at other state universities in the region.

Bachelor of Science Requirements

Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies majors are required to achieve a cumulative 2.0 grade point average for the total of all Finance (FNCE) courses for which they have been registered at the University of Connecticut, excluding grades and credits for independent studies and internships.

Residence Requirement

Real Estate majors must complete the School of Business residence requirements for all majors. Education Abroad and NSE courses may not be used to meet this requirement.

Required Major Courses

In addition to the courses outlined in the Common Body of Knowledge and Capstone Requirements, Real Estate majors must take: FNCE 3230; choose two 3-credit Primary courses from FNCE 3332, 3333, 3334, 3335, 3336; BLAW 3274; and two additional 3-credit courses from the above list or from FNCE 3302, 4209, 4304, 4305; ECON 3439; or MKTG 3260.

Internships in Real Estate

Students interested in a career in real estate may apply for a summer internship. During the period of the internship, the students are employed and supervised by real estate firms and portfolio managers under the direction of staff of the Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies.

Participation in the internship program occurs during the summer between the student’s junior and senior year. A written report based on their involvement provides the basis for earning course credit as FNCE 4881, Field Study Internship. The internship provides meaningful practical experience in the field of real estate and helps students clarify their career goals.

Center for Real Estate and Urban Economic Studies

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