Agricultural and Resource Economics (SARE)

450. Principles of Agricultural and Resource Economics

Three credits. Taught with ARE 1150.

An introduction to agricultural economics, the role of agriculture in today’s United States economic system, and relationships that regulate the entire economic environment.

460. Fundamentals of Accounting and Management for the Agribusiness Firm

Three credits. Taught with ARE 2210.

An analysis of basic business principles, fundamentals and concepts for business entrepreneurs.

495. Special Topics

Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Open only with consent of instructor. May be repeated for credit with a change of topic. Total credits allowed toward graduation requirements are restricted as outlined in Ratcliffe Hicks Section.

699. Independent Study

Credits and hours by arrangement. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor required. Students are advised to read the Ratcliffe Hicks School regulation limiting the number of credits which may be applied toward graduation.

An independent study project is mutually arranged between a student and an instructor.