Writing Minor

The Writing minor promotes an interdisciplinary awareness of composing practices, histories, and theories. It encourages students to refine their writing abilities across diverse contexts and technologies.

The minor requires 15 credits at the 2000-level or above. All students must take ENGL 2013W or 2049W and 12 credits from the list below. Courses must be taken in at least two subject areas. No more than six credits may overlap with another major or minor. Please note that some classes are open only to majors in that subject area.

AFRA 4994W; AH 4239, 4240W; ASLN 3306W; BME 4910W; BUSN 3002W, 3003W, 3004W; CE 4900W, 4910W, 4920W; CHEG 4143W; CHEM 3170W; CHIN 3250W; COMM 2100, 3120W, 4530W, 4710, 4720; CSE 4939W; ECON 2500W; EEB 2244WE, 2245W, 3244W, 4230W; EDCI 3100W, 4110W, 4205W, 4210W; EPSY 4120W; ENGL 2001, 2614, 2701, 3003W, 3010W, 3012, 3013, 3601, 3701, 3703, 3705, 3711, 3713, 3715, 3082, 3692, 4407W; ENVE 4910W, 4920W; ERTH 2050W, 4050W; FREN 3268WHDFS 4007W; HIST 2100, 3100W, 3101W, 3556W; JOUR 2000W, 2001W, 3000W, 3005, 3012W, 3013W, 3040, 3046E; LLAS 2012; MCB 3841W, 3842W, 3843W, 3845W; ME 4973W; MEM 4971W, 4972W; MSE 4901W, 4902W; PNB 3120W; PSYC 2100WQ; SPAN 3240W; TRST 3010, 3011.

Students may petition to include other courses whose focus is on the theory and practice of writing by applying to Howard Fisher at howard.fisher@uconn.edu. Not every W course will count toward the Writing Minor.

The minor is offered by the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Business and the College of Engineering.