Urban and Community Studies Minor

The minor in Urban and Community Studies is an interdisciplinary minor with a focus on educating citizens on the multiple dimensions of urban and community life and preparing students for careers in public and community service. While available with any undergraduate major, this minor provides an especially appropriate complement to majors in the social sciences, as well as departments and schools that emphasize human services such as Human Development and Family Sciences or Education.

The minor requires passing 15 credits at the 2000 or above level. A writing course is not required for the minor, but students may register for these sections if offered:

  1. Required Core: URBN 2000/W.
  2. Core: Two of the following with no more than one per department (Cross-listed courses count towards the non-URBN department):
  3. Supporting: Two additional courses selected from Group 2 or the following list:

Students interested in pursuing a minor in Urban and Community Studies are advised to complete 1000-level courses in the social sciences, which may be prerequisites for courses in the Urban and Community Studies minor. These include but are not limited to GEOG/URBN 1200; ECON 1201; POLS 1602; PP 1001; SOCI 1001, 1251; STAT 1000Q/1100Q; and URBN 1300W and 1400. They should also plan on enrolling in URBN 2000 as soon as possible.

The minor is offered by the Urban and Community Studies Program.

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