Therapeutic Horsemanship Education Minor

This minor provides students with an opportunity to pursue an interest in therapeutic riding programs, and provides a basis for further study and certification as a therapeutic riding instructor or director. Riding experience at Intermediate Level II is required to enroll in ANSC 4457, one of the required courses of this minor.

The requirements for this minor are at least 16 credits of coursework. The student must complete all of the following courses: ANSC 2251, 3551, 3691, 4457.

The student must also complete a minimum of eight credits of coursework by choosing from the following courses: ARE 2215, 4217; BADM 3740; HDFS 2100, 2200; PNB 2264 or 2265; PNB 2274 or 2275; SLHS 1150.

At least 12 of the credits taken to satisfy the minor must be from courses that are not required for the student’s major or other minors within the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.

Students must earn a combined grade point average of 2.5 or higher for all courses listed above.

This minor is offered by the Animal Science Department.

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