Supply Chain Minor

To receive a minor in Supply Chain, a student must earn a C+ or better in each of four (4) 3-credit courses satisfying the minor. MEM students are required to take both OPIM 3601 and 3602, and can use one of them as the 4th 3000/4000-level OPIM course.

Students must complete the following core courses:

  1. OPIM/BADM 3104 or MEM 2211
  2. OPIM 3601 or OPIM 3602
  3. OPIM/BADM 3603 or OPIM/BADM 3301
  4. and one 3000/4000-level OPIM course.

This minor is not open to Business Data Analytics or Analytics and Information Management majors. Students not enrolled in the School of Business must obtain permission to take courses for the minor.

Refer to the School of Business section of this catalog for restrictions on Business minors and limits on the number of Business courses available to non-Business students.

The minor is offered by the School of Business. For more information, contact the Undergraduate Programs Office, School of Business, room 248, or phone (860) 486-2315.