Psychological Sciences Minor

Students seeking to complete a minor in Psychological Sciences are required to take at least 15 2000-level and above psychology credits from among the following courses, which are grouped as follows:

The requirements for the Minor in Psychological Sciences are as follows:

  • One Area I course
  • One Area II course
  • Any three additional 2000-level and above Psychological Sciences courses listed above.

No more than three credits of either PSYC 3889 or 3899 may be counted toward the minor. PSYC 3880 cannot be used. A maximum of three 2000-level or above transfer credits in psychology may count toward the minor upon approval of the transfer coordinator in the Department of Psychological Sciences. The courses composing the minor should be selected in consultation with the student’s major advisor to form a coherent program relevant to the student’s academic and/or career interests and objectives.

The minor is offered by the Department of Psychological Sciences.

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