Physics Minor

Although this minor is particularly suitable for students in the physical or life sciences as well as in engineering, it will also serve other students who have the appropriate First-Year/Sophomore calculus-based physics preparation. The minor introduces the students to the core concepts in mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermal physics, and quantum physics, and provides further opportunities to study laser physics, optics, nuclear and particle physics, and astrophysics. The minor requires a minimum of fifteen credits of 2000-level or higher course work.

Course Requirements

  1. Nine credits of required courses: , PHYS 3101; PHYS 2300 orĀ 3401; and PHYS 3201 or ECE 3001.
  2. Six credits of elective courses chosen from any of the PHYS 2000-level or higher courses, other than the ones already taken above, with no more than three credits from PHYS 3089, 4096W and 4099.

The minor is offered by the Physics Department.

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