Nutrition for Exercise and Sport Minor

This minor has been established in cooperation with the Departments of Kinesiology and Allied Health Sciences. Students interested in earning the minor will need to complete prerequisite coursework for required courses. These include NUSC 1165, PNB 2264, 2265, and MCB 2000. All students are required to complete a minimum of 18 credits for the minor.

Students in this minor must complete NUSC 4236, 4250; KINS 4500, 4510; and any two of the following courses for an additional 6 credits: NUSC 2241, 4299; KINS 3099, 3530; AH 3231 or 3234.

Students must earn a combined grade point average of 2.5 or higher for all courses listed above.

The minor is offered by the Department of Nutritional Sciences.


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