Nanotechnology Minor

The emerging field of nanotechnology, which involves studying and manipulating matter on an ultra-small scale (a nanometer is one-billionth of a meter), is expected to have far-reaching consequences in engineering applications as diverse as sustainable energy and next-generation microprocessors and flash memories.

A minor in nanotechnology requires the completion of at least 15 credits as follows:

Group I

Required courses (nine credits): ECE 4211/5211; ECE/ENGR 4243/6243 and ECE/ENGR 4244/6244.

Group II

Two courses from the following list (at least six credits): ENGR 2243; ECE 3223, 3243, 4223, 4225, 4242, 4095 (or any engineering special topics course if related to nanoscience/technology); ECE 4079 or any engineering independent design laboratory course (if related to nanoscience/technology); ECE 4099 or any engineering independent studies course (if related to nanoscience/technology); the two-course sequence ECE 4901 and 4902 (if the project is related to nanoscience/technology); ECE 5223, 5225, 5242.

The minor is offered by the School of Engineering. For information about the Nanotechnology minor, contact John Chandy.

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