Music Minor


This minor requires a minimum of 18 credits in Music:

  1. Completion of MUSI 1011 and 1012 or MUSI 1313 and 1314 if the student qualifies (six credits).
  2. Completion of two courses from the following (six credits): MUSI 1003, 1004, 1021, 1022, 3401, 3405, and 4999.
  3. At least six additional credits in Music, selected from courses for which the student has the necessary prerequisites or instructor consent, except MUSI 1001, which may not be applied toward the minor. The courses selected may be in performance or academic studies.*

*Music minors may register for one-credit applied study, MUSI 1221, with the permission of the instructor and the Head of the Music Department. May be repeated for credit.

The minor is offered by the Music Department.


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