Literary Translation

In the Literary Translation Minor, students will practice the craft of translating literary texts from any language into English and explore international theories of literary translation. The Literary Translation Minor consists of a minimum 15 credits at the 2000-level or above.


A. Two required translation courses: TRST 3010 and 3011.

B.  Two literary/cultural courses chosen from: ARAB, CAMS, CHIN, CLCS, CRLP, FREN, GERM, HIND, ILCS, JAPN, KORE, MGRK, PERS, PLSH, PORT, RUSS, SPAN, TRST, VIET.

C.  One creative writing or related genre course from English chosen from: ENGL 3701; 3703, 3705, 3711, 3715E. Genre course: ENGL 2401, 2405, 2407, 2408/W, 2409, 2413/W, 3403, 4401W, 4405W, 4407W.

With the Minor Advisor’s approval, students may count up to six credit hours in independent study in lieu of courses from sections B and C. Advanced Placement credits may not be counted toward the Minor. Courses used to fulfill the field requirements of the student’s Major can also be used to fulfill the Literary Translation Minor.

The Minor is offered by the Literatures, Cultures and Languages Department. For further information, please contact Peter Constantine.