Latin American Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Latin American Studies offers a basic understanding of the peoples and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, their history and contemporary economic, social, and political problems, and the region’s relations with the United States.


The minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work selected from at least three disciplines distributed from the courses below:

With approval of the minor advisor, appropriate sections of 3293 courses taken through Education Abroad may count towards the minor. Appropriate sections of special or variable topic courses, including AFRA 3898, ANTH 3098, HIST 3098, HRTS 3298, POLS 2998, SPAN 3298, and WGSS 3998 may also count towards the minor with advisor consent.

Language Requirement

(Credits do not apply to minor’s 15 credit minimum) Students may demonstrate elementary proficiency in a Latin American language in one of the following ways:

  • One 2000-level or above language course
  • Pass equivalent language exam administered by the Department of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
  • Requirement waived for native speakers

Students minoring in Latin American Studies should also consider participating in an Education Abroad program in Latin America or the Caribbean. Courses taken abroad may be counted toward the minor if they are equivalents of the courses listed above.

The minor is offered by El Instituto: Latino/a, Caribbean and Latin American Studies Institute. For information, contact Anne Gebelein or call 860-486-5508.

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