Judaic Studies Minor

The purpose of this minor is to provide in-depth study of topics in Judaic Studies reflecting the history, literature, and culture of the diverse experiences of Jews throughout the world stretching back four millennia to biblical Israel.

Course Requirements

HEJS 1103 is required of all minors. At least one year of Biblical or Modern Hebrew is strongly recommended.

A minimum of six credits in Foundational Courses (Group A): HEJS 3201; HEJS/CAMS/HIST 3330; HEJS 3301; INTD 3260.

Nine additional credits may be drawn from other Group A offerings or from the following Topical Courses (Group B): , HEJS 2104, 2200, 2203, 2204, 2301, 3202; HEJS 3203/HIST 3418; HEJS 3241, 3279, 3401/W, 3419; CAMS 3244, CAMS/HIST 3301; HIST 3705, 3712.

The following may be substituted for Group B courses with the approval of the student’s HEJS advisor: HEJS 3293, 3299; and SPAN 3200.

All 15 credits may consist of courses from Group A. Some HEJS Graduate courses are open to undergraduates. These may be substituted for either Group A or Group B courses with the approval of the student’s HEJS advisor.

The minor is offered by the Hebrew and Judaic Studies Section of the Literatures, Cultures and Languages Department.

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