Information Assurance Minor

The minor is designed to offer a basic understanding of computer security and information assurance to support the increased demand for information security professionals.


Group I.

Required courses (six credits): OPIM 3207 and a course as approved by the advisor.

Group II.

Three courses from the following (totaling at least nine credits):

  1. OPIM 3701
  2. ECE 4451
  3. Special Topics courses (if related to information assurance): CSE 4095, ECE 4095, OPIM 4895
  4. Independent Study courses (if related to information assurance): CSE 4099, ECE 4079, ECE 4099, OPIM 4899
  5. Senior/design/thesis courses (if related to information assurance): CSE 4905, CSE 4951, ECE 4901, ECE 4902, OPIM 4997

Students in any major may earn this minor. Refer to the School of Business section of this catalog for restrictions on Business minors and limits on the number of Business courses available to non-Business students. At the most, two OPIM courses taken toward the Information Assurance minor can be counted toward the Business major. OPIM 4895 and OPIM 4899 must be taken for three or more credits each if any of those courses are used toward the Information Assurance minor.

The minor is jointly offered by the Department of Operations and Information Management, School of Business and by the departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering. For the Information Assurance minor, contact John Chandy, Steven Demurjian, or Manuel Nunez for more information.

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