India Studies Minor

Completion of a minimum of fifteen credits at the 2000-level or above is required, including at least 3 courses from Group A. Any remaining credits can be completed in Group B courses; INDS courses, including those in Group A; or any independent study that focuses on India (approved by coordinator of India Studies). The India Studies minor requires one of the following:

  1. The completion of INDS 4296W (thesis) or
  2. The completion of any thesis focusing on India and approved by coordinator of India Studies or
  3. Participation in an approved, credit-bearing Education Abroad program in India or
  4. An approved independent study which is completed in India

Also recommended are appropriate courses that provide an introduction to the advanced courses, such as PHIL 1106. Students are strongly encouraged (although not required) to take an Indian language course in the Critical Languages Program.

Group A: Core courses

AAAS/HIST 3812; AAAS/HRTS/SOCI 2220; ART/AASI/INDS 3375; ENGL 3320, 4301W (when offered with South Asia as topic and approved by India Studies Advisor); INDS 3210; POLS 3472/W.

Group B: Related courses

ARE 4305; ECON 3473/W; ENGL 2301/W; POLS/WGSS 3216; SOCI 3701/W

The minor is offered by the Asian and Asian American Studies Institute. For more information, contact Betty Hanson, (860) 604-1970, or Cathy Schlund-Vials, (860) 486-9412.

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