Human Rights Minor

Human Rights
Shareen Hertel leads a human rights course at Oak Hall on April 8, 2013.

This minor provides interdisciplinary instruction in theoretical, comparative, and historical perspectives on human rights through classroom courses, and valuable practical experience in the human rights field through a supervised internship. Fifteen credits at the 2000-level or above are required; at least three credits from Group A (Institutions and Laws or History, Philosophy, and Theory) and three credits from Group B (Applications and Methods); no more than six credits from Group C (Electives); and three credits from Group D (Internship). No more than six credits taken in any one department may be applied to this minor.

Group A

Institutions and Laws

HIST/HRTS 3202; HRTS 3200/W, 3420; POLS/HRTS 3212; SOCI/HRTS 3831

History Philosophy and Theory

ECON 3128; ENGL/HRTS 3631HIST/HRTS 3201, 3207; PHIL/HRTS 3220POLS/HRTS 3042;

Group B Applications and Methods

ANTH/HRTS 3326BADM 3252 or BLAW 3252/HRTS 3252; BADM 3254 or BLAW 3254 or HRTS 3254; DRAM/HRTS 3139; ENGR 3257 or HRTS 3257; HRTS 3149/W, 3250/W, 3475; POLS/HRTS 3256/W, 3428, 3430; SOCI/HRTS 3835, 3837

Group C Electives

Any HRTS course numbered 2000 or above; ANTH/HRTS 3028/W, 3153W; ANTH 3150/W; ANTH/WGSS 3350; ARTH/HRTS 3575; ECON 2445/HRTS/WGSS 3445ECON 2126, 2127, 3473/W; EDCI 2100, 3100ENGL/HRTS 3619; ENGL 3629; GEOG 3240; HDFS 3251; HEJS/HRTS 2203HIST/AASI 3531; HIST/WGSS 3562; HIST/HRTS/AFRA 3563; HIST 3100W, 34183570; LLAS/HRTS 3221/HIST 3575; LLAS 3271/POLS 3834; NRE 2600; NURS 3225PHIL/HRTS 2170W, 3219/W; PHIL 2215, 3218; POLS/HRTS 3418/W; 3807; POLS/WGSS 3249; POLS 3672/WGSS 3052; POLS 32113255; POLS/ENGR/HRTS 3209; SOCI/AASI 3222/HRTS 3573; SOCI/HRTS 3421/WSOCI 2503/W; SOCI/HRTS/AFRA 3505, 3825; WGSS/HRTS 2263WGSS 2255, 3105, 3257, 3269.

Group D Internship

HRTS 4291

The minor is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For more information, contact Samuel Martínez in the Anthropology Department.

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