Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies Minor

Students may only earn one minor offered by the School of Business. Students who are not majors in the School of Business are restricted to no more than 24 credits of coursework offered by the School of Business. Healthcare Management Majors may not earn this minor. The minor is designed to offer a basic understanding of health care management and insurance topics.


To receive a minor in Healthcare Management and Insurance Studies, a student must complete four 3-credit 3000-4000 level School of Business courses, to include HCMI 3240, 3243, and two of the following courses: HCMI 3221, 4225, 4243, 4250, 4325, 4326, 4448.

Credits from internships cannot be used to satisfy requirements of the minor. No more than one 3-credit course used to satisfy requirements for this minor may be from any transfer or Education Abroad credits earned. Access to courses for this minor is on a space available basis, and the School of Business cannot guarantee completion of this minor.

The minor is offered by the School of Business. For more information, contact the Finance Department, phone (860) 486-3040.

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