French Minor

The French minor consists of a minimum of six courses (18 semester credit hours) at the 3200-level in French. Ideally students should take two courses from each distribution group:

  1. Language: Six credits from FREN 3268/W or 3269, 3250, 3251, 3257.
  2. French and Francophone Culture: Six credits from FREN 3210, 3211/W, 3215 or 3216, 3217, 3218, 3224, 3226, 3267.
  3. French Literary Studies: Six credits from FREN 3261/W and/or 3262/W, 3223, 3220, 3221, 3222, 3231, 3234, 3235, 3270W3272, 3280.

Students may, however, substitute up to two courses from any distribution group and use them for any other distribution group and still have them count towards a minor

Study abroad in our Paris program or our Toulouse summer program is highly recommended; students studying in Paris may earn up to nine credits towards the French Minor; students studying in Toulouse may earn up to seven credits towards the French Minor. Any of the Minor courses may be replaced by an appropriate FREN 3293 from Paris or Toulouse.

Upon request from native French speakers or heritage speakers, a committee can evaluate their speaking skills and waive the FREN 3257 Phonetics requirement. This course will be replaced by any course listed to meet the 18-credit requirement for the minor.

Students must demonstrate proficiency in French at a level equivalent to FREN 1004 as a prerequisite for beginning the minor.

The minor is offered by the Literatures, Cultures and Languages Department.

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