Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian Minor

This minor is for students, particularly those in the various life science, physical science, environmental science, and health science majors, who may wish to pursue employment as an environmental health specialist/sanitarian. Environmental health specialists work in public health departments/districts on a variety of outdoors and indoor environmental health and food inspections (both pre and post facility/system installation), conduct health investigations, ensure compliance, and promote environmental health awareness and emergency preparedness.

The minor requires 18 credits, of which 15 may also be used to fulfill requirements in the major. Specifically, students must pass with a “C” or better, each of the following courses: AH 3175; ANSC 4341; NRE 4255; SPSS 2120.

Students must also pass, with a “C” or better, at least six additional credits from among the following: AH 3571; ANSC 4642; NRE 3105, 4135, 4340; DIET/NUSC 3272; SPSS 2125.

This minor is offered by the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources.