Diversity Studies in American Culture Minor

Students should consider taking appropriate 1000-level courses in preparation for junior-senior level coursework in Diversity Studies. These might include SOCI 1501/W, as well as ENGL 1601W, HIST 1203, PHIL 1107, PSYC 1100 and 11011103, WGSS 2204, and WGSS 1105.


15 credit hours. No more than one course in Diversity Studies can be counted towards both the student’s major and the Diversity Studies in American Culture minor. No more than two courses may be taken within a single subject area. Classes not listed below, such as three-credit “Special Topics” courses, may be used to fulfill Diversity Studies requirements with the approval of the Director of Diversity Studies in American Culture. (If possible, students should seek such permission before taking the course).

  1. One required three-credit course: INTD 2245. Students must take four courses which must include at least one from each category to fulfill the remaining twelve credits. (Please note that some of these courses have prerequisites).
  2. To fulfill the twelve remaining credits, students must take four courses which must include at least one from each of the following categories:
    1. Gender, Physicality, and Sexual Identities
    2. Ethnicity, Culture, and Race
    3. History and Politics

The minor is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For more information, contact Katharine Capshaw.

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