Development Economics and Policy

The minor will provide an overview of the core issues in international and U.S. economic development. Special focus is given to practical analysis and real-world problems. Students wishing to minor in Development Economics and Policy must take a total of at least 15 credits from the courses listed below. At least nine credits must be taken from the Core Courses and at most six credits must be taken from the Elective Courses.

Core Courses (nine or more credits): ARE 2260, 2464, 3305E, 4279 or 4476, 4305.

Elective Courses (at most six credits): ARE 2434E, 3333, 4444; ECON 2474 or 3473.

Additional Elective Courses with Minor Advisor Approval (up to three credits): ANTH 3325; ARE 4999; GEOG 3200; POLS 3406; WGSS 2267.

Note: ARE 1150 or ECON 1201 may be required for some 2000-level or above ARE courses. Other courses listed may have additional prerequisites as well.

Students must earn a grade of ā€œCā€ (2.0) or higher in each individual course listed above. Students must earn a combined grade point average of 2.5 or higher for all courses listed above. This minor is not open to Applied and Resource Economics majors who are concentrating in Development Economics and Policy.

The minor is offered by the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics.