Communication Minor

Students wishing to complete this minor must take at least 15 2000-level or above credits in COMM courses. Selected courses must include:

  1. COMM 2000Q or COMM 2010Q, or equivalent research methods course. Most students complete this requirement by taking COMM 2000Q. If an equivalent research methods course is used, 15 credits in 2000-level or above COMM courses are required. Students using an equivalent research methods course must still meet the pre-requisite requirement of COMM 2000Q to enroll in the following advanced courses: COMM 4200/W, 4300/W, 4501, 45104982, and 4996.
  2. At least two from the following Core courses: COMM 2100, 2200, 2300, 2500, and 2600. Students are encouraged to take three or more core courses.

Students in this program do not receive priority registration for Communication courses. The minor is offered by the Communication Department. The minor Plan of Study form is available in the Arjona Building, Room 245 or from the Communication Department website.

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