Cognitive Science Minor

Cognitive Science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, bringing together course content from Psychology; Linguistics; Artificial Intelligence; Anthropology; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences; Neuroscience; and Philosophy. While available with any undergraduate major, the minor in Cognitive Science is especially appropriate for majors in the fields listed above.


To earn a minor in Cognitive Science, students must complete 15 credits at the 2000-level or above. COGS 2201 is required, plus four additional courses coming from at least three areas (A through F). No more than two courses may be counted from any one department.

  1. Cognition: ANTH 3250; CSE 4705; PHIL 3247/W, 3250/W; PSYC 2500, 2501
  2. Language: LING 3610W; LING 2010Q; PHIL 3241; PSYC 3500
  3. Perception: PHIL 3256/W; PSYC 3501, 3502
  4. Development: PSYC 2400; PSYC 3470/W or SLHS 2204, SLHS 4254/W, 4376
  5. Neuroscience: PHIL 3249W; PNB 3251; PSYC 2200, 3270; SLHS 4245W
  6. Formal Systems: CSE 2500, 3502; LING 3000Q, 3310Q, 3410Q, 3511Q; PHIL 2211Q, 3214

The minor is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. For the Cognitive Science minor, contact Prof. William Snyder, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Cognitive Science, Oak Hall, Room 350.

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