Arabic and Islamic Studies Minor

The Arabic and Islamic Studies minor requires 18 credits at the 2000 level or above in Arabic and Islamic Studies (ARAB and ARIS subject areas). AP credits may not be used toward the minor.

Prerequisite: Two semesters of formal Arabic, or equivalent proficiency. Proficiency must be approved by the minor advisor.

Arabic and Islamic Studies minors courses comprise three main groups:

Group 1 (Literature): ARAB 3550W, 3551, 3559, 3570.

Group 2 (Culture): ARAB 2571, 3102, 3751, 3771, 3772.

Group 3 (Language): ARAB 2170, 3102, 3212; ARIS 3000

Note: Special Topics, Foreign Study and Independent Study courses may fit, depending on topic, any of the above groups, with advisor approval.

In addition, the following rules apply:

  • A minimum of 12 of the major credits must consist of Arabic courses taken in residence. Only six may be transfer credits.
  • A single course cannot satisfy more than one requirement

Enrollment in a study abroad program in an Arabic-speaking country is not mandatory for Arabic and Islamic Studies minors. With advisor’s prior consent, any of the above courses may be replaced by an appropriate ARAB or ARIS 3293 course from study abroad programs. Up to six credits taken in study abroad programs may count toward the minor. Students can enroll in either University of Connecticut sponsored or non-University of Connecticut sponsored programs.

The minor is offered by the Literatures, Cultures, and Languages Department.

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